A Fresh Start

A forced fresh start, though I am attempting to be all Zen about it, regardless.


Several of you finding your way to this brand-spankin’-new blog will remember bonzuko.com, the erstwhile repository for all things stage combat, theatre, martial arts, and also literary arts related. It was called Daily Cross-Swords then, too, but most of our readers knew it as bonzuko.com anyway. Before that, it was on Blogger. Yeah, that was a while ago, remember?

Well suffice to say that unfortunately bonzuko.com lapsed, and before I could recover it, the domain got bought out from under me. Did I back up the blog before this happened? No. No I didn’t. So all that material spanning from 2008 till last year? Gone. Poof.

My personal life is taking some major fresh starts as well, so I guess it’s as good a time as any to use this forcibly cleaned off slate and start over again. 

In other words, welcome to the new! improved! Daily Cross-Swords blog. To quote an esteemed Time Lord: Allons-y!




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