The More You Holmes

In commemoration of Arthur Conan Doyle’s death date and Dr. Watson’s apparent birthday, another More You Holmes post for your enjoyment.

From: ep. 2.2

Line: (SHERLOCK, to LESTRADE) You’re brown as a nut, you’re clearly just back from your holidays.

Reference: In A Study in Scarlet, Mike Stamford (same character and name as ep. 1.1) remarks that Watson is “thin as a lath and brown as a nut” when first seeing him back from Afghanistan.

More parallels with the BBC series Stamford and the Study in Scarlet Stamford encounter: in Doyle, they catch up at the Criterion Bar. In BBC, they have coffee cups that say Criterion on them. The dialogue between them is very similar, especially the exchange between them re: Sherlock Holmes, whom Watson has yet to meet. Stamford’s mention of Holmes beating the dissection subjects with a stick to determine bruising after death appealed to co-creator Mark Gatiss so much he had to include it as our first view of Sherlock.



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