My Definition of Postmodernism

My Definition of Postmodernism   ~Jenn Zuko


Postmodernism is the Ren Faire of literature.

                                Jenn Zukowski, Trident Café, 1/26/00

–> (a self-reference)

any rules that came before break them don’t use punctuation proper grammar or any grammar at all talk about violence and about drugs and refer to yourself over and over (she said grinning at her reflection in the monitor even though there wasnt one) erase all genres and mix your media chop up your lines so theyre the size of thirtysecond commercials anachronism irony smart violence like quentin tarantino dislikable characters like david mamet hip hop poets piracy genre eaters the genre mixers is this a really bad prose poem a fucked up informal essay or a bernadette mayer stream o consciousness cyber punk email speak no that comes next a conflict between real and unreal at the renaissance festival people come in costumes that range anywhere from fantasy greek times to the seventeen hundreds needless to say most of the eras I just listed are not at all in the renaissance and the scary thing is that most people don’t know theyre doing anything inaccurate o and of course digital internet cannibalism not to mention cut the pauses or add more


pauses where it probably doesnt make much sense like pinter see I’m alluding again see I’m self-referencing again see

the short short short short short short story and the four      hour      movie are what people want these days write your poem using street signs or lines from other peoples poetry acid jazz there was a joke in the onion about a hip hop artist that sampled the entire song billie jean by michael jackson but instead of altering it and using bits of it to back up his rhymes, he just sampled the whole thing completely and rereleased it as his own song called da kidd (is not my son)


build up to a punchline and then give none.




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