Boulder Fringe Fest published an article I authored about the upcoming 10th annual Boulder Fringe Festival. Here’s an excerpt, and go to the site for the whole enchilada.   ~Jenn

Here’s how it works: each December, performing artists enter their prospective shows into a FringeSLogo_Wide_PinkBlack_RGBlottery, from which is randomly chosen the year’s line-up. There is no adjudication, only a drawing, so the shows are as extremely wide-ranging in theme and quality as a random draw allows. Each performer either signs up for a large venue, small venue, or what’s called the bring-your-own venue. Some performers are recurring characters in the Boulder Fringe scene and bring their own following with them, others are colorful newbies. Shows vary from one-person shows to full blown plays, from clowning to dance to multimedia dance theatre. Workshops are also available for those who want a hands-on learning experience from the performing artists. Boulder explodes with performance those two weeks in September, and there is something for everyone, things happening all day and into the night.



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