The Stellar Reviews of I Miss My MTV

Hey lovley lurkers, sorry I haven’t rapped at ya lately, but you remember why. It’s this amazing show I’m in right now that’s sapping all my creative energy. Well at least I can see from the reviews that have come out from audience members on the Boulder Fringe Fest website that all my neglect here may just be worth it. Here are a few excerpts to get you all psyched and ready to come see the second weekend! (that would be Thursday, Friday and Saturday.)

I’m gonna have to give this show 5 stars just for seeing the band and cast cover an obscure Weird Al tune. That showed real depth was given to the 80′s theme, not just the topical fluff everyone thinks of when they think back to that era (there was certainly some of that too, of course, which was fun). ~former fetus

Jenn and Karina miss their MTV

Wow! Wow! Wow! Let’s suffice it to say that this is an EPIC 80′s throwback with fantastic humor, creativity, hilarity, talent, and energy! I laughed so hard I thought my cheeks were going to cramp permanently into that ridiculous face splitting smile! I cried too, but don’t tell anyone! ~Suki

Very cleverly written, filled with endearing references to the landmark movement in TV that gave us the “music video” at its most raw and daring form. The live band is terrific, the dancers are on fire and the “special effects” are well done. The talented cast is having as good a time as the audience in this delightful send-up of an emerging art form at its nascent beginning. ~Iris Burman

What a musical extravaganza – and the choreography/direction of the whole show is wonderful! 10636943_10152699452438028_480948162264897995_oYou will laugh and you may cry (that you actually DO miss your MTV), but don’t be embarrassed – this show rocks it! Lots of fun, great cast, musicians, the whole dang thing. ~MWH

Really great show. This show goes above and beyond any Fringe show that I have seen. It has interactive video, live band, dancing, singing and multiple costume and set changes. Really took me back, but even if you aren’t familiar with 80′s music there is so much to love here. The Aha moment alone is worth the price of admission. ~Chris T

This was a most amazing experience! I was laughing, clapping, tearing up, and reminiscing the entire way through. So very many memories from that time in my life and the audio, video, live band, actors, and every performance really sunk in to those antique crevices in my brain and I was all in. I brought a friend with. who’s 14 years younger than I, and she had a blast as well…if any cultural reference was lost on her, it didn’t show. WONDERFUL performance you Band of Toughs! ~Carolyn Dailey

Gen Xers! You gotta see this! This was far, far better than my recent Class of ’84 high school reunion! ~Rhianna

BELIEVE all the posted reviews – this was a show well worth you time and attention!!!!! ~Margaret


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