Autumn Acrostic: “Penny Lane”

P osh ladies in velvet smoke cloves and sulk.

E nter a saturnine gentleman who casts no reflection.

N odding clouds of giant gnats slurry forth in gusts to land in crusts on the wall.

N o one comes or goes, yet the room becomes full, then overflowing, with talking punks and the

Y ellow gaze of the stranger.

L ight clots in the stranger’s eyes; whispers issue from his skin,

A nd silence hangs heavy as iron on the neighboring table.  He smiles an inward secret, sips

N epenthine green liquid from his cupped, horny hand and offers some to the lady next to him.

E ven she, black as her eyeliner looks, is speechless.



Jack Collom

Jenn Zukowski


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