The More You Holmes

From: Elementary ep. 3.2

Event/Object: A man is found dead shortly after his attorney is also–one of the first images we see in this episode is the dead lawyer with a torn open envelope with five orange beads spilled out of it. We later find out that they are from a recalled children’s toy called Pipz, that they were recalled because they were poison, but not before it comes out that the manufacturer knew they were poisonous and allowed them to be sold anyway, until he got nabbed for having done so. There are many conspiracies and cover-ups in the rest of the ep, along with some head-butting between Watson and Holmes’ new protege, Kitty Winter (remember that name is from “The Illustrious Client,” though the character is way different).

Reference: In “The Five Orange Pips” the person who is about to be murdered receives an envelope with dried orange pips (seeds) in it–and it’s the terrifying herald of death just like in this ep. In Doyle, however, it’s the KKK behind it all, while in Elementary…well, I won’t give the whole thing away.


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