An Article to Read

Please to read and enjoy the article on fellow stage combat themed blog PlayFighting called “Stunt Combat Trends.” I am interested in starting a discussion about this, as I see these trends popping up amongst my students and their requests in classes, as well as their choices in my Martial Arts Styles unit in Advanced classes. Excerpt below, and find the rest at

Throughout the history of cinematic fights, a variety of stunt coordinators have come to prominence, and with them their iconic styles. When a movie becomes popular and has fight scenes that are appreciated, the market is flooded with imitators.

Sometimes their style is overgeneralized to apply to every weapon. These days, if you wield two weapons, you have to do Escrima, even if those two weapons are rapiers.

Some (like me) complain about this trend, which has a long history. As I’ll show in this article, performers should be generalists, but good choreography is specific.


Not at all a posed punch. Nope.

Not at all a posed punch. Nope.


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