Latest From Sherlock’s Home

Here’s the latest of my contributions to Sherlock’s Home. This one was a collaborative effort, about some Star Trek and Sherlock connections (in the wake of the great Leonard Nimoy’s death). As usual, find an excerpt below and the full shebang at

Of course, if Spock is the irascible logician in Star Trek: The Original Series, android Data fills the same role in follow-up The Next Generation. Fans of that show will remember that Data, while playing at being Sherlock Holmes (with loyal friend Geordi LaForge as Watson in tow) in the holodeck, unleashes a virtual Moriarty who becomes all too real. Even as a hologram, Moriarty is intelligent and dangerous enough to warrant a full-­crew long con to render him (and a holo­Irene  Adler) no longer threatening to the Enterprise.


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