5 Conan Doyle Stories Sherlock Should Adapt Next

My latest for Sherlock’s Home. Also my first attempt at the reblogging function in WordPress. ~Jenn

Sherlocks Home

 Written by Prof. Jenn

Sherlock is already chock-full of references to the Doyle canon (I do a series on my blog called The More You Holmes which points these out): from basing entire episodes mainly on one of the stories (A Scandal in Belgravia, The Hounds of Baskerville), to multiple rapid-fire references in passing (the series of case titles at the beginning of Scandal all are plays on Doyle stories). Mofftiss themselves have admitted they’ve covered the mainstays of the stories with The Woman, The Hound, and The Professor. But now that they’ve also covered The Sign of Four as well as A Study in Scarlet, and have provided us with the second biggest baddie in Doyle (Charles Augustus Magnusson, Milverton in Doyle) in Series Three, what could Series Four bring us? Here’s what I think.

NOTE: This is my (albeit brilliant, educated) opinion, y’all. If I left a favourite of…

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