5 Ways to Get Your Sherlock Fix While Waiting for Series Four

Sherlocks Home

Written by Prof. Jenn

It’s hard to be patient while waiting for the next series of Sherlock. After all, the show really is more of a series of films than a TV programme, and so perforce we have a very long period of twiddling our thumbs between fixes. Our wait between Series 3 and 4 will be a bit less painful, as there is a one-off Christmas special coming but that’s still a long time, with only fan-fiction to hold us. Not that there’s anything wrong with fan-fiction, but…

Here are my professional recommendations on what to enjoy while you’re waiting for more cheekboned Cumberbatchian goodness:

5. Elementary

Elementary CBS

A lot of Holmesians are either Sherlock OR Elementary fans but why not enjoy both? Elementary is a delightfully-structured police procedural featuring a Sherlock in drug recovery and a no-nonsense, capable, female Watson. Jonny Lee Miller is a flawed, human…

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