The More You Holmes

From: er, I think it’s every episode, yes?  /  Elementary: uh, it says 3 episodes on iMDb. I can’t be bothered to look up which ones. Hey, there’s, like, 20 eps per season of Elementary, gimme a break…

Character: Mrs. Hudson

Reference: The Victorian practice of having one’s landlady also be in charge of one’s housekeeping, and the board as well as the room of the room and board situation, was nodded to cheekily in the very first episode of BBC Sherlock. She can’t help but be a motherly figure to the “boys,” as she calls them, and when she tells new tenant John Watson, “I’m your landlady, dear, not your housekeeper,” all the nerds versed in the Doyle canon snickered. Of course, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Mrs. Hudson would be expected to be in charge of not only collecting rent, but all the housecleaning and meals as well. In BBC Sherlock, she only does the latter two out of a motherly affection for the man that got her husband executed. We get to know more and more about her colorful past as the series goes on, until in 3.3 we hear that she was an exotic dancer and her husband was in charge of a drug cartel in Florida. 

The Elementary version of Mrs. Hudson is Ms. Hudson, a transgender woman who seeks safety from an abusive relationship in Sherlock’s brownstone temporarily while a snowstorm is going on. She’s an expert in Ancient Greek and was in fact one of this show’s version of an Irregular: an expert in a particular field to whom Sherlock goes for specific help. There have been many quite interesting one-off Irregulars throughout the series (from young computer nerds to anonymous hackers to a man called The Nose to a famous NFL star who happens to be an expert knife thrower). Ms. Hudson, however, at least had the potential to be more of a regular character, as she entered into an agreement with Sherlock to do periodic housecleaning. One would think she’d appear quite frequently in several episodes, but nope. For some reason, she’s barely there, and we haven’t seen her in a while. Too bad, as it’s rare to find a trans character, played by a trans actor no less, portrayed in such a positive light. Well, portrayed at all, really. Hopefully the show runners will include her more often as the series progresses.



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