IPA Review 1-2

So as you can see in the description of this blog, it’s all about my areas of “scholarly expertise.” Since I am not just a nerd but a nerdist, many of my interests and my expertises overlap–I am a professional in several areas on which I nerd out.

One interest of mine, however, is craft beer. I would not call it an area of expertise (beyond being the assistant to the Mad Scientist of homebrewing for a few years), so it can’t really fall into the realm of my “scholarly expertises,” but more lands in the interests camp. Being a nerd, however, I do what all nerds do, and that is: research about the things which interest me.

I was encouraged recently to begin taking notes on the IPAs I’ve been enjoying (IPAs are always my go-to choice of favorite zymurgical quaffs), and I have done so, on more than 30 different IPAs. I wasn’t sure what to do with this fun data, until I realized that maybe my readers have the same interlocking interests that I do, and would like to read about IPA beers from a nerd who lives in one of the craft beer capitals of the country (if not the world): Boulder, Colorado. So:

Here, lovely lurkers, are the first two records I have of my IPA review series. I’ll start putting them all up here periodically for your perusal. Please to enjoy.   ~Jenn

IPA #1:  Firestone IPA

Date consumed: 12/12/14

  • sweeter than I normally enjoy but citrusy enough to be drinkable
  • 7.5% ABV
  • I prefer snappier, as I said, but this isn’t a cloyingly sweet beer, just rich

IPA #2:  Odell’s IPAdownload

Date consumed: 12/13/14  (don’t judge me)

  • very crisp and citrusy
  • quite hoppy as well
  • 7.0% ABV
  • refreshing
  • quite sparkly w/carbonation, too–the bubbles prickle the nose



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