5 Reasons Magnussen is More Evil Than Moriarty

Sherlocks Home

Written by Prof. Jenn

Information is the centre of Sherlock’s work, and when an agent of chaos like Moriarty throws a wrench in that well-oiled machine, it’s only a matter of time before the “grit in [the] sensitive instrument” gets cleared out. But what if Sherlock’s adversary isn’t a brash chaotic goon for the sake of anarchy, but the brilliant head of a well-oiled machine himself? Such is Magnussen, adapted from the Charles Augustus Milverton of the so-titled original story. Like Moriarty, Magnussen (Milverton) only appears in one short story in the Doyle canon but Mofftiss have decided to expand this villain into more than just a one-off obstacle, and give him a hefty story arc in his own right.

Here are five reasons why I deem Magnussen as the more dangerous, more evil villain over Moriarty. Big words, I know, but hear me out…

5. No Remorse, No Glee

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