Top 5 Sherlock Ships

My bit is the Johnlock part, the rest are other authors on Sherlock’s Home…

Sherlocks Home

For a show about an apparently machine-minded sociopath, Sherlock fans really love pairing the characters up romantically. From the obvious (John and Sherlock) to the obscure (Mycroft and Lestrade) just about every character has been paired together by some fan on the internet somewhere. To celebrate this popular trend, the Sherlock‘s Home team has come together to have a look at the five most prominent “ships.”

John and Sherlock (AKA “Johnlock”)


Of course, no discussion of Sherlockian shipping would be complete without mentioning the original pairing of Sherlock and John. This particular ship has been fan-fiction fodder since Victorian times with the idea of these two being more than friends is replete throughout Sherlock. From from the very first episode (“Of course we’ll be needing two rooms” / “I’m not his date”), through poor Watson attempting to set the record straight in Series Two (“If anyone still cares, I’m…

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