All 9 Sherlock Episodes Ranked – By You

My latest two cents’ worth for these folks. I’m listed as “pj” for Prof. Jenn. 🙂

Sherlocks Home

Hundreds of you voted in our poll to end all polls (to mark Sherlock‘s fifth anniversary last week); which is the best Sherlock episode? Naturally, there were many cries of ‘all of them’ or ‘whichever one I’ve just watched’ but below we have all nine episodes of the show ranked as per the votes of those of you who could bring yourself to choose between them. Read on to find out what was crowned the best Sherlock episode – and read the Sherlock’s Home team’s thoughts on the episodes.


9. The Blind Banker

As this poll shows, this is normally the episode that gets the least attention out of the whole series but it happens to be one of my favourites. There are multiple reasons why, but I find the whole case really interesting: well-respected British men being part of a Chinese smuggling operation and accidentally stealing one of…

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