IPA Review 16-21

IPA #16: Rampant Imperial IPA

Date Consumed: ?

  • Being an Imperial IPA, it has a rich flavor to it, and a sweet aftertaste
  • Biting bubbles
  • made by New Belgium
  • Bomber size bottle

IPA #17: Red Betty

Date Consumed: ?

  • by Central City Brewery
  • in 12 oz cans
  • Very mild, tastes almost like a session
  • 6.5% ABV
  • very carbonated
  • bitter without being rich / tasty

IPA #18: Shipwrecked Double IPA

Date Consumed: ?

  • by Mission Brewery
  • 9.75% ABV
  • comes in large can (a la Fosters)
  • Shiver me timbers!images
  • Rich, bready
  • bitter but without a bite
  • not much fizz once it’s been poured

IPA #19: S.L.O.W. R.I.D.E.

Date Consumed: ?

  • a session IPA w 4.5% ABV
  • citrusy, almost tastes like a bitter lemonade
  • very light to drink, almost lager-y; definitely a session

IPA #20: Johnny’s American IPA

Date Consumed: ?

  • by Moab Brewery in Utah
  • only 4% ABV: I actually bought this at King Soopers
  • comes in 4packs of tallboy cans
  • session-y with both hoppiness and sweetnes
  • very crisp
  • hoppiness turns a little on the sour side when not very cold

IPA #21: 400 Pound Monkey

Date Consumed: ?

  • English style IPA
  • made by Left Hand Brewery
  • Yeasty
  • rich
  • sweet (a little too sweet for my taste)
  • tastes stronger than it is (6.8% ABV)



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