Retrospective Review #1: A Study in Pink

My latest for Sherlock’s Home. I will be reviewing all 9 eps plus the short (plus the special that will be airing soon(ish).

Sherlocks Home

Written by Prof. Jenn

Final warning: These are RETROSPECTIVE reviews, so I will be discussing reveals, revolutions of cliffhangers, ends of plots, etc. If you are reading these reviews without having seen the eps, a) what is wrong with you?? Go watch them now! and b) these reviews are not for you till you’ve seen them.

The first installment of Sherlock starts out with a bang. Literally. We begin by looking through a window into a nightmare of Dr John Watson’s, seeing him wake to a dreary life of PTSD until he runs into an old friend and thereby a new roommate, named Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlockian nerds, ahem, scholars, immediately noticed in this very first episode that it begins nearly exactly the same way as in the original novel, A Study in Scarlet (also the very first Sherlock Holmes story way back in 1887). From Watson’s questionable bullet wound to…

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