Finders Keepers

Hey lovely lurkers: remember when I reviewed Thief 4 and mentioned that I had written fanfic in the Thief universe? Yeah. I went on a little journey onto the Internet and found it. Here’s the opening of one of them, called “Finders Keepers.” In it, I decided to take the POV of one of the hapless guards we constantly are clubbing in the game. You’ll notice I channel Lieber and Bradbury, too, and I’m not sure it’s in a good way.

If this beginning hooks you, read the rest at the old Thief-TheCircle archive, here.   ~Jenn

What was that?

Brother Mortimer, second guardsman and acolyte to the Master Builder, halted in his tracks. Fingering the handle of his iron hammer, he whirled around, frowning into the corridor behind him.

The hallways in the Stronghold were ornate–symmetrical yet unusual-a true tribute to the Builder’s glory. Yet those same carvings and deep doorways that made the architecture vibrant also cut through each space with blocks of shadow. Mortimer, to amuse himself, often imagined that each corridor was a puzzle, and would attempt to fit each shadow into geometric shapes.

He was not amused now. Anyone could hide within those wedges of impenetrable black, and he thought he had heard a noise. But as he peered, he could see no glint of steel, no movement of any kind, nay, not even the whites of startled-still eyes. He sighed, and shook his head. Nothing now.




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