The More You Holmes

I don’t do these enough anymore since I started writing for Sherlock’s Home, eh lovely lurkers? I’ll have to remedy that from now on.   ~Jenn


From: ep. 1.3

Line: SHERLOCK: I’m lost without by blogger.

Reference: in “A Scandal in Bohemia,” Holmes says to Watson something nearly verbatim: “I am lost without my Boswell.”  Since most contemporary audiences wouldn’t understand the Boswell reference, no doubt Mofftiss contemporized the phrase to make Sherlock’s sentiment accessible. What does Holmes mean when he calls Watson his “Boswell?” James Boswell was the biographer of writer Samuel Johnson. Boswell is widely touted as being the first biographer–i.e. the first writer to write a biography. Holmes is constantly calling Watson his biographer, and so the moniker Boswell fits, as well as being quite a high compliment, coming from Holmes.



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