Anybody out there…?

Sorry it’s been so long since I rapped at ya, lovely lurkers, but things have been CRAZY busy in my little world, and when I have gotten a chance to write, it’s been for the site that pays me. Sorry. 

Classes are slouching toward Bethlehem to be concluded, which is kicking my butt mentally, and I am deep in the rehearsals for Version 2.0 of I Miss My MTV, which is physically kicking my butt. Occasionally literally. Readings and etc. that are relevant? Research papers. Lots of student research papers. Topics include climate change, gun control, Victorian women authors, the dangers of tanning beds, spectator gaming, comics as high literature, emotional support animals, depression, the war against drugs, eating disorders, and the obesity epidemic. I have been charged by Friend Harold to read Mona Lisa Overdrive. Haven’t had the time yet. Songs in rehearsals include Panama, The Promise, Take On Me, and Personal Jesus.

To mollify you from my absence, here’s a still from the scene called “The Promise” from IMMMTV 1.0: the Bender fist. Please to enjoy my fishnets.  


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