It’s dangerous to go alone. Here, take these podcast links…

My semester is over, and thereby hangs a tale. The giant stack of papers in my little work corner are no longer to-do, but are done. The stack of books have shifted from Fall semester books to books for the classes I anticipate next month. For now, I am catching up on my reading, my sleeping (when I can), and my blogging. And I’m thinking, again, of starting a podcast…


I usually take attendance by having my students sign the whiteboard and then I take a picture. Easier than paperwork. Anyway, look at Dan and Emily’s signatures from our last day. Such fun creatives.

Inspired by seeing Kevin Smith spin words at the Boulder Theatre recently, I was podcast-inspired all over again. Of course, it would be impossible to not be podcast-inspired after listening to him go on, and of course he was super-encouraging about podcasting specifically. I had zero idea what to expect going in but I was very happy at what I saw. To get creatively juiced up again at my age and level of burned-out-ness is a treat and I thank him for it. That being said,

I hereby share with you, lovely lurkers, a list of the podcasts that I either currently or in the past enjoy(ed). No, I haven’t yet started one myself. I’m still thinking about it. I’ll let you know…


Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t start off with the podcasts of Kevin Smith himself. I actually haven’t heard much of any of them, but what I have heard I have enjoyed muchly. The episode of Smodcast with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer stands out. Talk Salad and Scrambled Eggs also sounds entertaining, though I have not yet listened to it.


I do still consider myself a Nerdist, as I appreciate the term’s definition. I was highly inspired by this podcast when it first came out, though I lost interest when it started being less about discussing the creative process and more about Hardwick’s ego. Sorry, but true. Highlights include Rainn Wilson (wherein their catch phrase “enjoy your burrito” came about), and of course the live one at the Boulder Theatre, because of my appearance with a Quemment!

The Outrider:

Friend Jason (who is a skilled writer, btw–get his book here) does on his podcast what we used to do in grad school over pitchers of beer: talk eloquently about literature and writing. Completely unselfishly, a highlight ep is the one wherein he and I talk The Genre Wars.

Roleplay DNA:

Friend Ed is co-host of this highly edutaining podcast focused on roleplaying games, those who play them, the events surrounding said gaming, and intellectual commentary withal. Highlights in my opinion are the actual-play eps (very entertaining a-la Wheaton’s web series Tabletop), though I do very much like the aforementioned commentary and discussion.

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere: 

These gentlemen are Sherlockians of a high order–well known in intellectual Sherlockian circles across the world, they talk anything and everything Sherlock Holmes. Highlights of this well-established podcast include the Mythbusting one, the Nicholas Meyer one, and of course the one where I play their trivia game.

The Columbo Podcast:

The premise of this podcast is absurdly simple: two Scottish dudes discuss in detail every episode of Columbo ever made (with some specials as exceptions). But their intricate detail, their on-point criticism, and the chemistry and interplay of the two hosts make this podcast just as entertaining as the show itself.

And finally,

Paul and Storm Talk About Some Stuff for 5-10 Minutes (on average): 

This podcast has not been updated for quite some time, I’m afraid, but it was one that I highly enjoyed for the varied (nerd themed) topics, and of course the witty banter between the two bandmates, for which they are known in their live performances.

Honorable Mention:

Memories of the Futurecast: 

Wil Wheaton’s book, Memories of the Future, is a brilliant combination of behind-the scenes tidbits and scathing, thoughtful color commentary on the episodes of Star Trek: Next Generation. This podcast encompassed each chapter of the book, but far more than being an audiobook, this podcast juxtaposes select readings by the author himself, with added commentary that the book doesn’t have. Both the book and the accompanying ‘cast archives are highly recommended, especially for Trek fans.

Of course, as you may well know, there’s a podcast for anything and everything you may nerd out about, lovely lurkers. Post links to your favorites in the comments.



    1. You guys are great! I appreciate the exhaustive detail with which you discuss each ep, as well as it being highly entertaining. I’m sad you have a finite number of eps to cover.

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