10 Easter Eggs You May Have Missed from The Abominable Bride

My latest for Sherlock’s Home. I did make the mistake of not verifying the pageboy’s name, but other than that, methinks you’ll find these Easter eggs accurate and intriguing.

Sherlocks Home


Written by Prof. Jenn

There are so many more than ten Easter Eggs in this episode, both referring to the Sherlock series so far and to the original Doyle stories, I was hard put to it to narrow it down to these. Include your favorites in the comments.

10. Perfume as Mary recognition

In ‘His Last Vow’, Sherlock thinks he has encountered Lady Smallwood threatening Magnussen, as he recognizes her perfume, Claire de la Lune. Thing is, Mary Watson also wears the same perfume, and it was left as a message to John before the big reveal. In this episode, Sherlock recognises Mary by her perfume, though he doesn’t mention what scent it is.

9. Granada Theme

Did you notice how much like the ‘80s Jeremy Brett series’ intro theme the music was, in that initial Baker Street street scene (which also looked a lot like the Granada intro)? Listen…

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