It’s De-lovely, it’s De-link list…

…are you all singing with me now?

Sorry it’s been a while, lovely lurkers, but I’ve been sick as a dog this past couple weeks, and could barely pull through the show, let alone anything “extra.” And I’m not the only one to have been bogged down with The Crud: The Columbo Podcast guys called this nasty cold that’s going around “The Dreaded Lurgy.”
a) now that’s fabulous slang!
b) it’s even going around in Scotland?
c) /miserably blows nose/

Which leads me to my first in the list of links for you today:

The current Columbo Podcast ep (during which The Dreaded Lurgy was discussed)

Have you been watching Vikings? They have a casting call out for shield-maidens.

Speaking of good TV, Sherlock Season 4 is filming in new studios in Wales.

Did you know that swordfights look nothing like Hollywood? Yeah, me too.

There’s a new lightsaber combat manual out that’s taking Amazon’s bestseller lists by storm.

Some friends, both remote and close, have had relatives pass away recently. This blog post is a beautifully written musing on grief and related matters.

The Superbowl was Sunday. Go My Local Team! The embedded comic has a lot to say about my perspective, playplaymethinks…;)


Farewell, I Miss My MTV….



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