Retrospective Review #5: The Hounds of Baskerville

My latest for Sherlock’s Home. Lots of Easter Eggy nuggets in this one.

Sherlocks Home

Written by Prof. Jenn
As a reminder: I am writing these as RETROSPECTIVE reviews, so I will be discussing reveals, resolutions of cliffhangers, ends of plots, etc. If you are reading these reviews without having seen the eps, a) what is wrong with you?? Go watch them now! and b) these reviews are not for you till you’ve seen them.
This is one of the few episodes that adheres mostly closely to one plot from one Doyle tale. In our case, it’s The Hound of the Baskervilles. Not that it’s exact, mind, but basic plot points, images, and several characters do echo the original. As far as the original goes, it’s a ghost or demon story that turns out to have a very basic greed-based motive, and the way Gatiss has updated this concept is novel (ha–see what I did there?). After all, what else is a…

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