Mini-Essay Contest Winner #1: Ashley

If you’ll recall, lovely lurkers, I normally assign a Mini-Essay when teaching Freshman Comp, and also host a Mini-Essay contest, wherein the winning essay (voted on by classroom peers) gets published to this blog. Here is one of two winners this semester, Ashley V. from the 9:30 am ENG 121 class at Front Range. Enjoy.



YouTube Killed the Television Star

by Ashley Vigil

When it comes to entertainment it all started with the radio. Slowly we advanced to the television, which ended up replacing the radio. Following the television, the computer was created and with it the Internet. Entertainment has been developing along with social changes and other technology over the years. Today, most of our generation finds entertainment from the online video sharing website, YouTube. There are a number of reasons why YouTube is more popular than television. YouTube is convenient, big television stars have caught on to the new trend, and it’s relatable.

We live in a society where it’s become common for us to have immediate gratification. There are so many fast food chains that allow us to get food within seconds, there’s online banking, and following that trend, we have YouTube.  A popular YouTube channel, Fine Brothers Entertainment, touch base on the topic of television being replaced by YouTube. They do this by asking different YouTubers to react to Jimmy Fallon clips online. One YouTuber they spoke to, iHasCupquake, made a good point by saying: “[the] good thing about YouTube is that you can watch it whenever you want,” (Fine Brothers Entertainment). Unlike television, any YouTube clip can be watched at any moment in the day, whenever it is convenient for an individual. There is no need to worry about when a show is on because YouTube is there whenever we have the time to spare. Another part of YouTube’s convenience is that it is free. There is no price to pay for YouTube, making it accessible by anyone with Internet access, unlike its counterparts Netflix and Hulu.YouTube killed the tv star

Most recently, big television stars, like Jimmy Fallon or Ellen DeGeneres, have started to upload certain clips from their show to the Internet. The clips are more often short highlights from an episode recently aired on television. YouTuber Jenna Marbles made a compelling point that “If [we are] going to watch the best clip online, [we are] not really going to tune in and watch the whole thing,”(Fine Brothers Entertainment). Not many people know when television shows actually air anymore, and this also relates back to the convenience of YouTube, where we don’t need to know the time a show airs to enjoy an episode.

Unlike television which was created for the common person, the best part about YouTube is that there is entertainment for everyone. There are so many different channels for people to watch and relate to and this makes the entertainment on YouTube more tailored to everyone individually. If someone is interested in video games, fashion, or daily vlogs, there are YouTube channels for them. YouTuber Tyler Oakly put it best: “Shows the power of the Internet,” (Fine Brothers Entertainment). YouTube has a plethora of different entertainment options so there is always something for everyone.

YouTube is the next step in entertainment. We are currently living in an age where the Internet means everything, with almost every person owning a laptop, home computer or even a mini computer in our own pockets. YouTube has become more accessible and relatable, therefore our first choice when it comes to entertainment.


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