Grammar Lesson Videos

This post is just for my own use, lovely lurkers, and yet I can’t help but think you’ll all enjoy these too. These are some highlights of the Video Grammar Lesson assignment I always give to my Comp I students at any school at which I teach. These are from Metro and Front Range students from semesters past, and I will be using most if not all of them as examples tomorrow as I assign the project to my classes. Please to enjoy the creativity of these students…

NOTE TO FORMER STUDENTS: If you find a video you’ve made here and don’t want it here, please don’t hesitate to let me know, and I will remove it immediately.


Ze Grammar Nazis (Metro Spring 2013)
NOTE: love that they just did all this on their phone, and composed music!

A Brief History of Punctuation (FRCC Fall 2015)
NOTE: apart from a couple spelling errors, a gorgeous aesthetic piece on punctuation.

A Brief History of Punctuation. from Henna Taylor on Vimeo.

Man on the Street: Punctuation (FRCC Fall 2015)
NOTE: the man-on-the-street interview idea is stellar. Too bad it wasn’t executed as well as it could have been.

Conjunction Junction (FRCC Fall 2015)
NOTE: not embeddable, but I did find this cover to be well sung.

Dudebro Run-on Sentences (FRCC Fall 2015)
NOTE: I like the text dialogue into the theatrical scene.

Parts of Speech (Metro Spring 2013)
NOTE: I especially think the Google search w/narration is entertaining and witty.

ENG1020studentvidspr2013 from Jenn Zuko on Vimeo.

Direct and Indirect Objects (FRCC Fall 2015)
NOTE: Another one with a fantastic idea that could have had better execution.

Alliteration (FRCC Fall 2015)
NOTE: An unusual subject to teach about.

Commas (FRCC Fall 2015)
NOTE: I esepcially enjoy the snarky humor of this group.

The Semicolon (FRCC Fall 2015)
NOTE: an elegant rundown of a difficult punctuation. Particularly fun is the zombie-themed section.


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