I Miss My MTV already…

The backdrop as it looked in Fort Collins’ Bas Bleu Theatre, made by talented tattoo artist Sal Tino.


I Miss My MTV version 2.1 has come and gone, and it was a helluva ride. The reboot held many of the same core pieces as v.1.0 (the 2014 Boulder Fringe Fest), with some revisions and recastings all with a positive result, IMO. I’m glad in this reworking that I got to dance in an el-wire suit, and got to join the complex Cut Copy piece (the one with the suits and briefcases and plentiful bits of paper).

My favorite bits in this show overall were the Depeche Mode piece which took place at the bar at the end of the world, the opening dance medley filled with classics from ’80s vids (Pat Benatar shoulder action, anyone?), and, weirdly enough, the quietly sublime David Bowie Glitter Portrait bit. That last mainly from the consistently wonderful audience reaction to the reveal.

My favorite tweaks from v.2.0 (DCPA) to 2.1 (Bas Bleu Theatre) were the new band members, and the casting of James as The Norwegian in the A-Ha video sequel.

And if you missed it, you have no idea what I’m talking about, but no doubt really wish you did. Farewell, I Miss My MTV. “Don’t you / forget about me / I’ll be alone / dancing, you know it baby…”

Don’t You…


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