5 Throwaway Scenes in Sherlock That May Yet Mean Something

My latest for Sherlock’s Home.

Sherlocks Home


Written by Prof. Jenn

There is so little Sherlock to go around that us Sherlockians have taken to analysing each and every scene with a magnifying glass to ponder over any hidden meanings they might possess. As such, we’ve come to the conclusion that several seemingly throwaway scenes throughout the ten episodes we have had so far are actually more important than they appear. Here are a few of them:

5. DI Dimmock


A one-off character from fandom’s least favourite episode , Dimmock begins nearly verbatim as Forbes from Doyle story ‘The Naval Treaty,’ with a low opinion of Holmes’ techniques and the fact that he takes credit away from the police. Once admonished and corrected, however, he is contrite and asks to help. Dimmock is the same way in ‘The Blind Banker’, and is even given a huge compliment at the end of the episode, where Sherlock tells him he…

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