Sail-link…take me away…

It’s another link list! Aren’t you thrilled? Today’s list is actually kind of an odd theme: I went through all the business cards I’ve accumulated from the past several months, and culled the no longer applicable, kept the current, and took one more look at the websites of several before I recycled them. Those are your links for today. Yer welcome.

  1. Makerfilm

I recently was a reader for this event, newly taking place in Boulder. I met these folks through an audience member of IMMMTV, and apparently they’re a burgeoning “filmmakers’ gym” which will be meeting regularly to workshop and discuss new screenplays.

Me at the Makerfilm reading.

     2. Lone Tree Fine Art

John Wilson is a colleague of mine from DU, who works as a psychotherapist as his day job, and is an artist as well. As you can see, his paintings are stunning.

Fun non-sequitur:  I was out for a post-faculty-meeting pint with him and friend Paul some time ago, and I described my personal and professional life in perfunctory detail. I didn’t really mean to get talking about it, but he had this therapist’s superpower of gently asking the right questions…anyway, after a little talk, he paused, looked at me with what I’d described as wry almost-amusement, and said, “So…one question: how are you even functioning right now? Seriously: how are you doing…anything?” I replied: “Well…I have to. Function.” He shook his head, smiling, and suggested I needed a break. Still haven’t given myself one, but hey…

3. Sock Dreams

These folks are the only merchandise booth at this last Denver Comic Con that I made a purchase from. And I can tell you I’m very happy with said purchase. Their stuff is unique and handmade and I recommend them without a sponsorship. So, if you want to send me some free thigh highs for the praise, I won’t say no. 🙂

4. Steam Crow

Another merch booth I always enjoy looking at when perusing the goods at DCC, Steam Crow has a really neato aesthetic. I really don’t know much about them but that, but they look like a creative bunch, don’t they?

5. Jacob Wilson custom knives

I came across these absolutely gorgeous knives at an art festival in Boulder recently. Beautiful stuff, obviously all handmade. If I had had the money at the time I would definitely have gotten one.

6. Little Green Pixie

I met Anna at last year’s Theatre of the Vampires, where I appeared as a show performer alumna. She was in their professional training program, and dressed like a unicorn. We had som ideas in common about the show and about Frequent Flyers and aerial dance in general, and so exchanged cards. She is elsewhere now, successfully teaching aerial dance.


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