The More You Holmes

From: Elementary ep. 4.17

Event: (also character names, etc.) Charles Baskerville runs for his life (and dies) from something witnesses call a four-legged dog-like creature that glows.

Reference: Actually there are several Doyle references in this ep, as well as a few other nods to other Doyle stories and to the BBC series Sherlock. Here they are in list form:

  • Selden: the escaped convict wandering the moor, in this ep he’s an anti-GMO activist who online-rages at the Baskervilles and Stapleton’s company.
  • Stapleton: the naturalist and owner of the killer dog, in this ep he’s an engineer who works with the robotics that were stolen to create this story’s version of the Hound.
  • Charles, Henry, and Hugo Baskerville: like in the original, they’re all relatives in line for a large inheritance (large enough to kill for). There’s no mention of ancestor Hugo being a kidnapper and roysterer, however, beyond him being a railway baron. The Hall in which Henry takes over is also called Baskerville Hall, and there’s a terrifying scene where he sees a mysterious creature outside his vast home that echoes the security lights scene in BBC Sherlock‘s version of this story.
  • Barrymore isn’t a butler in this ep, but he does supply inside information, here about Stapleton. Apparently Stapleton has been seeing prostitutes at a fancy hotel named Undershaw (another reference: this one to the name of Conan Doyle’s house).
  • References to a genetically modified “superdog” and inserting jellyfish genes into an animal to make it glow are echoes again of BBC Sherlock‘s “The Hounds of Baskerville.”
  • Laura Lyons: a pivotal minor character in the original, here she’s the remote murderer, owner of the robotic “hound” and attempting to claim the inheritance much like Holmes imagined Stapleton would have in the original.
  • “The woman”: when Sherlock talks about Irene Adler to his morgue-Doctor friend, he refers to her not by name, but as “the woman,” just as Holmes does in the original.



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