Holmes Vs Holmes: Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller

My latest (nerd-rage instigating) post for these folks. Stay tuned for my originally-included section on Robert Downey Jr.

Sherlocks Home


Written by Prof Jenn.

Though to me the best portrayal overall of Sherlock Holmes will always be Jeremy Brett , I thought it’d be fun and instructive to plunge into a comparison between two contemporary portrayals of the famous detective.

Now, I know very well that for many modern Sherlockians, ya either love Sherlock and hate Elementary, or vice-versa. I, however, am approaching these portrayals both as someone who knows how to analyze writing (and who knows my literary Sherlock backwards and forwards), and someone trained in acting, who knows how to analyze performance, and knows what specifically she’s looking at when she looks at a performance. I am not taking sides, merely showing my objective views on two portrayals. So. Here we go:


Back in the days of court jesters, there’d be two kinds of “fool”: those that were known as natural, and those that were artificial. Those…

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