Hey. Just checking in…


The rubric for the research papers for Comp I at FRCC. My notes on grade norming in 3 colors. Being helped by Popcorn. She’s a helpful sort…

So hey, lovely lurkers. What’s happening? Yeah, I’ve been okay. Kinda depressed, very busy…you know, the norm. So how’s it been going? Well that’s good.

It’s coming up on the home stretch in all my classes, which is why I’ve been rather scarce here lately. Since I assign blog posts to my comp students, I feel the lag in my own blog breathing down my sore, tight, stressed-out neck. So here ’tis.

I have a Capstone student at Regis finishing up a combination creative and psychology project, and the two Comp I classes as well as the Comp II class at Front Range are all neck-deep in their research papers. Some interesting topics this semester, including: Syrian refugees in France, the U.S. policy on immigration, psychedelics (also cannabis) as legit medicine for treating/healing mental illness, the dangerous levels of stress school (particularly standardized testing) causes American students, the unfairness of the judicial system, effects of wrongful conviction in court, and whether Hitler was inspired by the Armenian genocide to design his own.

Children’s Literature at DU just had its read-aloud day (for previous online-only class’ read-alouds, have fun on our Vimeo channel), which marks the transition between picture books and novels for this course. The novel list includes classics like Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, and Harriet the Spy, as well as perhaps not as well known to a lay-adult books like Bud, not Buddy, Holes, and The Thief, and of course Harry Potter #1 and Ender’s Game. Before you go off on what books I should have included in my reading list, know that I have one book assigned per literary genre (plus two pre-1920), and so had to make some tough decisions. But then you all are called Lovely Lurkers for a reason, aren’t you…

Lastly, I just recorded a session of Left Hand Right Brain with former student JD, which should air sometime in May, so keep your ears (and this blog) peeled.

Now off to go grade some more…..

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