Retrospective Review #7: The Empty Hearse

My latest retro-review for Sherlock’s Home.

Sherlocks Home


Written by Prof. Jenn

As a reminder: I am writing these as RETROSPECTIVE reviews, so I will be discussing reveals, resolutions of cliffhangers, ends of plots, etc. If you are reading these reviews without having seen the eps, a) what is wrong with you?? Go watch them now! and b) these reviews are not for you till you’ve seen them.

It’s rare that the makers of a TV series have such intense interactions with their fanbase, and also unusual to find shows with the level of rabid fans that Sherlock boasts. From erotic fanfiction to conspiracy theories to #setlock on Twitter, the fans of this show have their own ways they want things to go, and will spare no word count (or technology) to express it. This can be positive, as is seen to an extent in this episode, because the fans feel a part of the creative process of…

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