Retrospective Review #8: The Sign Of Three

My latest retro-review for these folks.

Sherlocks Home


Written by Prof. Jenn

As a reminder:  I am writing these as RETROSPECTIVE reviews, so I will be discussing reveals, revolutions of cliffhangers, ends of plots, etc. If you are reading these reviews without having seen the eps, a) what is wrong with you?? Go watch them now! and b) these reviews are not for you till you’ve seen them.

Ah, the Wedding Episode. What can one say about it which hasn’t already been said?

According to DVD documentary Sherlock Uncovered: The Women, the premise of this episode (beyond the novel that is its near-namesake) is the chortle-inducing idea that, of course, Sherlock Holmes would have to have been Dr. Watson’s best man. What would that best man speech have been like?

Before we get there, though, we open with a lovely build-up of a sequence of which the climax is Sherlock freaking out about writing that very speech…

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