Thoughts and Such Upon a New Semester

Something I’ve started to do here, lovely lurkers, is to muse in print about all the various stuff I’m up to professionally. Why? No idea. A sort of message in a bottle, maybe? Putting it all down in writing makes it a tad more organized? No idea. My ego likes that it seems to impress some of my readers, though, too. Anyway, here goes:

Front Range just started, and I am the host of a Comp I and a Comp II course there. Comp I is your basic essay writing class (stay tuned for the Mini-Essay contest here soonish), and Comp II is its sequel. I have begun teaching Comp II under a theme, as it makes for more interesting readings and therefore writings than just The Basics Continued. So that’ll be fun. Both groups are full and earnest and young and chipper so far so it’s a good start.img_0018

I did have a Writing The Short Story course set up for grad students at DU, but it got canceled. Low enrollment. Boo. (See The Plight of the Adjunct Faculty anywhere online and also my Facebook timeline for more Lamentations on same…)

But I do have an online section of that Staging Cultures class at Metro you’ve heard me talk about before. Also full, which is nice. So I do only have a public transportation commute twice a week regularly this semester, which is sorta nice. Of course I’d rather have the DU $, but eh. I’ll take what I can get (see PotAF above, again).

Non-academic shtuff I’ll be up to include: teaching a stage combat seminar over at the Longment Dance Theatre again. Usually I only teach for them during their summer camps, so this during the year thing should be cool to check out. I’ve also signed on to to be the fight director for Curious Theatre’s upcoming production of Hand to God. Lots of puppets and blood. So that’ll be fun.

Add to that the personal life upheavals and major life changes that’ll most likely be taking place at the end of said semester, and I can say with confidence that my plates (that I’m juggling) are pretty full once again the next few months.


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