Hand to God


The lovely and talented cast and crew of Hand to God, in rehearsal.

A shout out is in order to the cast and crew of Hand to God, which opens tomorrow at Curious Theatre in Denver!

I had a lovely time working with these folks–highly competent professionals, who had the good sense to bring me in early enough to incorporate the violence in their fresh blocking in such a way as to facilitate much practice, meaning they will avoid the dreaded “act, then fight, then act” syndrome seen in so many productions. Plus the acting is fantastic across the board.

This play is a super-messed-up, funny, thought-provoking, sick in a fun way show that I’m very much looking forward to seeing when I can. If you’re a local lovely lurker, come sometime when I’m there so we can chat during the talkback after the show.

Break a leg, you sick puppets you!


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