5 Most Interesting Easter Eggs in Sherlock: The Lying Detective

My latest in the realm of Easter-egg-hunting..

Sherlocks Home


Written by Prof. Jenn

As with ‘The Six Thatchers’, there are, of course, many more easter eggs than just these five. I just find the following to be the most interesting of them. Feel free to add your own favorites in the comments. Oh, and of course: SPOILERS abound in the following. Duh.

Honorable mention:


Let’s play the Canon References game again, shall we? Again, add your own in the comments. Not including “The Dying Detective”, of course…

  • The Resident Patient
  • The Veiled Lodger
  • The Sign of Four (see below)
  • His Last Bow (and again)
  • The Murders in the Rue Morgue (Edgar Allan Poe, not Doyle, but this story is historically touted as the first detective-murder-mystery ever written)

5) The Dying Detective


Canon story “The Adventure of the Dying Detective” is one of the shorter and sweeter of the original Doyle stories. The basic plot goes as such: Mrs…

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