Musings on a New Semester

It’s the beginning of the second week of the semester, lovely lurkers. As such, it’s time for a Post Of Musing about the upcoming months. Why? It’s what I do.

Front Range consists of Comp 1 & 2, both classes of which have just created their blogs and are now putting up their first posts. 

Metro’s Staging Cultures is that online course I’ve told you about before, and this semester I have a nearly-full Stage Movement course as well! Woo-hoo! Was it because of my begging posts? Well whatever the reasons, I’m psyched to have such a big group of crazy theatre kids, even if the class is too damn early.

Regis has also begun; I’m advising a Capstone as well as facilitating a YA literature class. These are always grad students, always online and one-on-one. So that’ll be fun.

DU doesn’t start till late March, but it’ll be live and it’ll be a memoir course for the creative writing grads, which I’m also looking forward to.

Professionally, I’ve decided to cut down on the performing, so other than fight direction or instruction gigs (of which I have one for the KCACTF coming up), the only theatrical thing I’ll be working on is Boulder Burlesque. There’s a show in early February coming up and after that, who knows…




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