The last two installments of my Xmas Carol readaloud

I was not ready for part 14 to be so short! Dickens just summarizes and fast forwards through the last parts, quite unlike the theatrical adaptations that fill out Scrooge’s redemptive Christmas Day a bit more. I hope you enjoyed listening—I had a great time doing this. Let me know what you’d like to hear next year. I’m thinking A Child’s Xmas In Wales, but I’m open to suggestions. Cheers! (and god bless us, every one…) 🎄

Part 13:

Part 14:

Parts 7 & 8

I forgot to post yesterday, so, here. I was worried, when I began, that I would have too much to read before the 25th shows up, but now I look at how far I am just through 8 parts? I’ll probably be done early. But I’m not going to calculate that–we’ll just have to wait and see.

Part 7:

Part 8:

Terrible accent work in this one, sorry about that. I’m way better than this, usually.

Xmas Carol Parts 2-5

See how bad I am at keeping up with this blog? I’ve been doing the daily readings of Christmas Carol and posting it…like, everywhere else? So anywho. Here are the installments I’ve done since last I was here. Please to enjoy.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

What Day is it?

I mean, what even is time anymore…

Not that that’s an excuse. It’s really that I’ve been using other types of social media, the microblog type ones, to do colorful updates, commentary, and all that jazz. But I have missed this longer form platform for more composed musings, and so here I am. And now the party can start again.

I thought I’d begin anew this Fall-into-Winter by doing one of those life activity summaries that those of you who are left seem to enjoy reading. Here tis, in a nutshell:

WORK: I’m concluding a course at DU called Genres, in which a dozen Professional Writing Program students peruse various literary genres, analyze them, and even create some of their own. I always wish we could go over *actual* genres like Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, etc. but that’s not the way PWRI be. Which is okay. That’s over in a couple weeks. At Metro, the Intro kids are concocting their big final projects, which are one-act plays. I’m very excited (as I always am) to see how these turn out. This semester, they’re required to make a trailer for them, too, which should be a lot of fun. The Staging Cultures kids are winding up reading their last two plays (M Butterfly and Angels In America), and then they’ll be finished up too.

Once a week or so of many holiday snacks go by, I’ll be back online at DU teaching Art and Interpretation, as well as a translation class! That ought to be quite the hoot—I’ll have to revisit my Cyrano or Arsene Lupin translations. Then it’s Staging Cultures again at Metro at mid-month. It’s not looking likely that I will ever be given Stage Movement again there, so. We’ll see how much longer I linger there, before I get fully shouldered out. After momre than 20 years, 16 at that department. Hey, it’s adjuncting. What can you do…

Well, one thing I maybe can do: I’ve been serving on MSU’s Faculty Senate as affiliate (adjunct) rep, and will soon be also on the Faculty Welfare subcommittee. So we shall see what kind of things I can make better there…

Speaking of one-acts and adjuncting, I’m WRITING (about) both right now. I will be writing a holiday themed one-act for TCL’s festival again—last year, I wrote a play using the lyrics and situation of ”Baby It’s Cold Outside.” This year? I’m not quite sure yet, but I get the feeling that the Grinch may be visited by Scrooge’s 3 ghosts. The memoir project is officially complete. That is, I finished the writing part. Now to do a bunch more editing and get some paratext stuff together (like Tables of Contents, a query letter, etc.) and it should be ready to shop out by my birthday. Yipes and wow.

In THEATRE land, Blue Dime Cabaret came back and conquered! We had two shows at Dangerous Theatre, one of which completely sold out! The high level of talent that came back to appear for us never ceases to amaze me, but especially this time. I even got PB to come do a song with me. We plan on doing a First Fridays thing at Dangerous once the new year breaks, but of course everything depends on the pandemic still at this point. I had a great time doing the fights for Always a Bridesmaid at TCL, and I might have another fight gig coming up at Vintage, but I haven’t had confirmation on that one yet, so maybe not. Oh, and one thing that counts as both writing and theatre? I read some of my work at a Punketry show, accompanied by a punk/jazz band.

As far as just LIFE stuff? I’ve been finally, after too long, getting things like prescriptions and dental work done for myself, which is a good thing. I’ve been suffering recently from a bout of some kind of piriformis syndrome / sciatica type thing which has flattened me nearly completely for almost two weeks. That isn’t such a good thing, but having my body put the brakes on for me does make me perforce do some stopping, and thinking.

And writing. Which is a good thing to come out of that.

More longer form stuff to come. No, really—there’s a few things fleshed out in my notes that have gone dormant since my book project, that I would like to wake up and see if they take. Stay tuned.

Punketry was a hoot. My Beat profs at Naropa would’ve been proud.