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All Lightsabers, All the Time

To mollify you as you wait for my DCC reports, lovely lurkers, please to enjoy this amalgam of ALL THE LIGHTSABER FIGHTS FROM STAR WARS! woo!

Fight Clip Club

I finally got around to seeing the new Star Wars movie, you’ll be happy to hear. So in honor of its awesome fight scene in the snow, today’s Fight Clip Club boasts the documentary The Evolution of the Lightsaber Duel, hosted by Mark Hamill. In full.

Fight Clip Club

I’m bringing to the Fight Clip Club the duel scene from stellar TV show Firefly, as it has a nice way of showing skill vs. raw ability but no skill. I’d categorize it as Realistic/Swashbuckling, with the one caveat that there is the dreaded Throwing a Sword trope here, which I despise. The closing dialogue is terrific, though: “Well, maybe I’m just a good man…”

Actually there’s another great fight scene in this same episode (“Shindig”), at the very beginning: a simple bar brawl that’s actually quite beautiful. Not sure I don’t like the bar brawl better than the duel, actually…


“So…you two have met.”       — No, this isn’t the duel scene. It’s yet another favorite fight scene from Firefly. It’s rare to find a fight scene between a male and female character wherein both are actually scrappy and both indeed want to hurt each other.




Fight Clip Club

This selection from The Four Musketeers is a favorite one of mine and many of my compatriots in the stage combat profession. The main reason for this is twofold: 1) you can see it’s mainly the actors doing the choreography, not stunt doubles, and 2) it’s one of the more realistic sword fight scenes you can find in cinema.

Normally when you’re talking swordfighting, particularly The Three Musketeers, you think Expressionistic / Swashbuckling, right? Sure you do–we all do. This isn’t that. It’s arguably Expressionistic because of the length of the fight, but I’d actually call it Realistic / Dramatic instead. Can you see why I do?

(For a detailed rundown on my two-tiered classification system of stage combat, here.)

(Also: it’s period-realistic more than most, as it’s actually rapier-and-dagger, not just rapier, not random-pirate-y-sword-we-thought-looked-old-timey…)

Fight Clip Club

Fight Clip Club is a thing I used to do with my Stage Combat students–it was a chance for them to look closer at the fight scenes they enjoy in their favorite entertainment. There were certain prescribed analyses I had them do to show me they were able to see what was really going on in the scene based on the things they’d learned in class.

I’m going to start doing my own version of the Fight Clip Club for you, lovely lurkers. This first one was shared by one of my random Facebook friends in the field, and I commented that it was “way too long, and also glorious.”
I’m sure you’ll agree that this fight would fall under the “expressionistic” and “swashbuckling” categories in my fight-styles system, and what makes this that much more fun to watch for me is the vast difference in style. You’ve got the Old School Movie Kung Fu vs. Classic Western Boxing, and it works very well.

I’m noticing that the video may show as private? Here’s a link just in case.