Five 5ths benefit

5 5ths of Labyrinth:reflection

The Boulder Fringe Fest posted the video of this summer’s 5 5ths production: Labyrinth. I appear in the 4th and 5th 5th of this crazy piece. Have fun, and remember how low quality filming a live show can be. And how costume malfunctions can make for comedy, if one is well trained enough not to lose one’s cool when things mess up…

A Link a Day Keeps the Brain…Happy…

…eh I’m not up for the rhyming cliches today, lovely lurkers. I do have a Very Special Link List ™ for you today, though. Happy reading!

Ten hand-to-hand combat myths writers need to stop using. Because it’s rare to find an article like this focused on the writing, not necessarily the direction or acting.

My Mom’s new blog.

Behind the Scenes of Daredevil’s Stunts–this show just continues to excel in the action sequence area.

One of the performances I’m gearing up for: my presentation The Fight is the Story over at Denver Comic Con.

The silliness that is the Walking Dead’s Red Nose Day sketch. “If only we cold do something…lighter…”

The very soon upcoming event, The Five 5ths of Labyrinth, benefiting the Boulder Fringe Fest. Gotta go to rehearsal for this right about now, actually…


Look what I’m offering you. Your dreams….



Teaser for the next project

I’m doing another theatrical project, lovely lurkers (because I’m a glutton for punishment?), which I have no energy to go into detail about now, except that it’s taking place in early June (remember the Princess Bride one last year?) and I will be playing THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME. Guess what part I’ve been cast in, in the Five 5ths of Labyrinth. Go on, guess.