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A Moment of Nerdy History


Remember when I appeared with a Quemment on the now-very-famous Nerdist Podcast? Before Nerdist was a behemoth media enterprise? When they did a live podcast at the Boulder Theatre? I came across this proof of same, thanks to Rod Tanaka. I presented the three gentlemen with written choreography for a staged fight scene, in case they ever needed to enact their friendly rivalry on TV. Chris Hardwick actually got the copy of my book I sent him, and remembered it! I remember being hammered, and terrified with nerves, and also look at how much more weight the old lady had on her bones back then! Hm…

Random Not-Really-Movement Pic

Remember the Paul and Storm Brigade of Minions? I had a flashback to that and sifted through and found mine. They named me the Double Notecard LolMinion. I wonder when they’ll next Talk About Some Stuff For Five to Ten Minutes (on average), and I wonder when we minions shall be called upon to rise up…

Double-Notecard LOLMinion//