Grammar Lesson Video: the Buffalo conundrum

Please to enjoy this Grammar Lesson Video from Sebastian of this semester’s Comp I class.


Video Grammar Lesson Example

Here, by permission, is posted one of my current ENG 121 student group’s Grammar Video Lessons. It’s delightful, I’m sure you’ll agree. Good job, Grace and Sage!

Grammar Lesson Videos

This post is just for my own use, lovely lurkers, and yet I can’t help but think you’ll all enjoy these too. These are some highlights of the Video Grammar Lesson assignment I always give to my Comp I students at any school at which I teach. These are from Metro and Front Range students from semesters past, and I will be using most if not all of them as examples tomorrow as I assign the project to my classes. Please to enjoy the creativity of these students…

NOTE TO FORMER STUDENTS: If you find a video you’ve made here and don’t want it here, please don’t hesitate to let me know, and I will remove it immediately.


Ze Grammar Nazis (Metro Spring 2013)
NOTE: love that they just did all this on their phone, and composed music!

A Brief History of Punctuation (FRCC Fall 2015)
NOTE: apart from a couple spelling errors, a gorgeous aesthetic piece on punctuation.

A Brief History of Punctuation. from Henna Taylor on Vimeo.

Man on the Street: Punctuation (FRCC Fall 2015)
NOTE: the man-on-the-street interview idea is stellar. Too bad it wasn’t executed as well as it could have been.

Conjunction Junction (FRCC Fall 2015)
NOTE: not embeddable, but I did find this cover to be well sung.

Dudebro Run-on Sentences (FRCC Fall 2015)
NOTE: I like the text dialogue into the theatrical scene.

Parts of Speech (Metro Spring 2013)
NOTE: I especially think the Google search w/narration is entertaining and witty.

ENG1020studentvidspr2013 from Jenn Zuko on Vimeo.

Direct and Indirect Objects (FRCC Fall 2015)
NOTE: Another one with a fantastic idea that could have had better execution.

Alliteration (FRCC Fall 2015)
NOTE: An unusual subject to teach about.

Commas (FRCC Fall 2015)
NOTE: I esepcially enjoy the snarky humor of this group.

The Semicolon (FRCC Fall 2015)
NOTE: an elegant rundown of a difficult punctuation. Particularly fun is the zombie-themed section.