I Miss My MTV already…

The backdrop as it looked in Fort Collins’ Bas Bleu Theatre, made by talented tattoo artist Sal Tino.


I Miss My MTV version 2.1 has come and gone, and it was a helluva ride. The reboot held many of the same core pieces as v.1.0 (the 2014 Boulder Fringe Fest), with some revisions and recastings all with a positive result, IMO. I’m glad in this reworking that I got to dance in an el-wire suit, and got to join the complex Cut Copy piece (the one with the suits and briefcases and plentiful bits of paper).

My favorite bits in this show overall were the Depeche Mode piece which took place at the bar at the end of the world, the opening dance medley filled with classics from ’80s vids (Pat Benatar shoulder action, anyone?), and, weirdly enough, the quietly sublime David Bowie Glitter Portrait bit. That last mainly from the consistently wonderful audience reaction to the reveal.

My favorite tweaks from v.2.0 (DCPA) to 2.1 (Bas Bleu Theatre) were the new band members, and the casting of James as The Norwegian in the A-Ha video sequel.

And if you missed it, you have no idea what I’m talking about, but no doubt really wish you did. Farewell, I Miss My MTV. “Don’t you / forget about me / I’ll be alone / dancing, you know it baby…”

Don’t You…


Yet Another Semester (and Quarter)

…and my musings withal.

This quarter at DU I’m teaching a grad level creative writing course called Fiction Fundamentals. We are putting the “fun” in “da mental.” Or something. So far, I’ve very much enjoyed our discussions about the readings especially, and I can’t wait for our first big workshop!

Front Range started last week, and I’m teaching two Comp I classes and one Comp II class (that last is on Saturday mornings. Ugh.), and they’ve already started their class blogs. Comp I is now embarking on their Mini-Essays (stay tuned here for winning ones), and Comp II is about to be assigned the Elevator Pitch, which is a fun way I like to begin a class all about arguments, all the time.

It’s a lot of bus/light rail commuting (4X/week), so I’ve been listening to podcasts: mainly the Columbo podcast and former student JD’s Left Hand/Right Brain podcast (on which I will appear soon–stay tuned)!

At Regis, I’m doing the one-on-one thing as usual: this session it’s a Developing Character course, a Travel Writing course, and I’m advising a Creative Capstone as well. At Metro, I’m teaching the online version of Staging Cultures again, which is always fun, as it has a wide and odd array of plays to read.


The show I’m in, I Miss My MTV, is opening Friday night at the DCPA!! It’s tech week, kids! Will I live? Only if I can find a way to buy more coffee for the household…….

the freshly raised graffiti backdrop of IMMMTV, made by talented tattoo artist Sal Tino.

the freshly raised graffiti backdrop of IMMMTV, made by talented tattoo artist Sal Tino.

Anybody out there…?

Sorry it’s been so long since I rapped at ya, lovely lurkers, but things have been CRAZY busy in my little world, and when I have gotten a chance to write, it’s been for the site that pays me. Sorry. 

Classes are slouching toward Bethlehem to be concluded, which is kicking my butt mentally, and I am deep in the rehearsals for Version 2.0 of I Miss My MTV, which is physically kicking my butt. Occasionally literally. Readings and etc. that are relevant? Research papers. Lots of student research papers. Topics include climate change, gun control, Victorian women authors, the dangers of tanning beds, spectator gaming, comics as high literature, emotional support animals, depression, the war against drugs, eating disorders, and the obesity epidemic. I have been charged by Friend Harold to read Mona Lisa Overdrive. Haven’t had the time yet. Songs in rehearsals include Panama, The Promise, Take On Me, and Personal Jesus.

To mollify you from my absence, here’s a still from the scene called “The Promise” from IMMMTV 1.0: the Bender fist. Please to enjoy my fishnets.  

More from I Miss My MTV

Yes, lovely lurkers, this is why my posts have been much more sporadic of late–I’ve been working on this wonderfully eclectic, fun show and it and work are all I have time for.
Okay, not much time for work, either… Opening night is this Friday, after all.

Here are two more tastes of our show’s behind the scenes shenanigans:
Part Two:

Part Three: