Hey! Links!

Oh man it has been a WHILE, hasn’t it, lovely lurkers? Whew!

Well never fear, I’m still here, and though I’m writing a bunch of stuff for other places and grading and giving feedback for even more other places, I am still around to toss bits and bobs around this site for all y’all.

Today? It’s a link list, which goodness I haven’t done for you in even longer than that! Well here’s the noteworthy stuff I feel has been worth reading the past several weeks and into today. Yer welcome (and share your links of choice in the comments, yeah?):

Voss Water Review

Problematic Badass Female Tropes

The Big Picture

Paper Cut

I’m also writing a sequel to the memoir style blog the SO and I collaborated on, under my pen name. It’s a tad personal and is all memoir, all the time, so if you’re interested in following that, shoot me a message and I’ll share that link with you too.

Happy reading!

A List of Linky Linkishness

It’s been a while since one of these, eh lovely lurkers?

A Critical Praising of Sex in the City

As the S.O. said, isn’t this story begging for a movie?

Boulder Fringe Fest Artist Lineup 2017

A History of the C-word

Denver Comic Con 2017 (yes, I’ll be presenting there with Page 23)

Seriously, Should a Woman Play Hamlet?

And, finally, an image and a video clip of Boulder Burlesque’s pre-show performance from the Allen Ginsberg birthday bash the other day. Please to enjoy.


How surreal is this? The ol’ perv would’ve approved, methinks…


Please Sign up for Stage Movement: Part 4

Today’s plea for those of you who can, to take my Stage Movement class at Metro, surrounds the class blog.

Those of you who have taken any class with me knows that I assign blogging as a venue for reading responses. Stage Movement is no different: I have the reading responses due to one all-class blog, as well as any performance reviews and video analyses, etc. The blog is here, and you can see several semesters’ worth of students are still authors on it, which makes it a very cool artifact of course material that they can still access if they like (or even continue to add to).

One big advantage to having a public blog for much of the course work is that it opens up the classroom beyond ARTS 271 in Denver, to the entire world of the professional field in study. This post in particular shows what a good thing technology can be when it’s used well. I couldn’t a) afford to fly Jeff out here from New York to be a guest speaker; and b) couldn’t rig his aerial silks in our classroom if I did. Because of our use of a blog, though, the students could not only see his work in progress, but as you can see if you read the comments, actually interact with him as a professional in the field in which they’re studying.

And here’s a homework post from the clowning unit that you might enjoy.


The pale green pants with nobody inside them were spotted after the last meeting of the last class, disposed of with ceremony….

Link Once and You’ll Miss It

It’s a link list today for you, lovely lurkers! Enjoy!

Hapgood: a blog about education and technology.

History of the Mall Crawl: my latest bit o’research for Your Boulder.

APA vs. Chicago Style gang violence: hilarious Onion article.

Why Akira Kurosawa Was Master of the Action Film

Meritocracy in Obama’s Gilded Age: musings about higher education.


Youngest cat The Stig taking over paper-grading duties.

Don’t Link. Don’t Even Link…

Hey, lovely lurkers–it’s been quite a while since I regaled you with a Link List, hasn’t it? Well, I am here to remedy that and mollify you. Please to enjoy:

Goths in Hot Weather. Just exactly like what it sounds.

Shakespeare Lives: Midsummer. This is bloody rockstar, yeah?

The Mighty Taylor vs. Cancer: A Very Important Thanksgaming Fundraiser, headed by Friend Ed.

5 Things Star Wars Fans Don’t Understand… Just read it.

More From the Adjuncts Get Treated Like Shit vault…

And finally, the Honest Video for Total Eclipse of the Heart, in lieu of an image. Yer Welcome.

Sail-link…take me away…

It’s another link list! Aren’t you thrilled? Today’s list is actually kind of an odd theme: I went through all the business cards I’ve accumulated from the past several months, and culled the no longer applicable, kept the current, and took one more look at the websites of several before I recycled them. Those are your links for today. Yer welcome.

  1. Makerfilm

I recently was a reader for this event, newly taking place in Boulder. I met these folks through an audience member of IMMMTV, and apparently they’re a burgeoning “filmmakers’ gym” which will be meeting regularly to workshop and discuss new screenplays.

Me at the Makerfilm reading.

     2. Lone Tree Fine Art

John Wilson is a colleague of mine from DU, who works as a psychotherapist as his day job, and is an artist as well. As you can see, his paintings are stunning.

Fun non-sequitur:  I was out for a post-faculty-meeting pint with him and friend Paul some time ago, and I described my personal and professional life in perfunctory detail. I didn’t really mean to get talking about it, but he had this therapist’s superpower of gently asking the right questions…anyway, after a little talk, he paused, looked at me with what I’d described as wry almost-amusement, and said, “So…one question: how are you even functioning right now? Seriously: how are you doing…anything?” I replied: “Well…I have to. Function.” He shook his head, smiling, and suggested I needed a break. Still haven’t given myself one, but hey…

3. Sock Dreams

These folks are the only merchandise booth at this last Denver Comic Con that I made a purchase from. And I can tell you I’m very happy with said purchase. Their stuff is unique and handmade and I recommend them without a sponsorship. So, if you want to send me some free thigh highs for the praise, I won’t say no. 🙂

4. Steam Crow

Another merch booth I always enjoy looking at when perusing the goods at DCC, Steam Crow has a really neato aesthetic. I really don’t know much about them but that, but they look like a creative bunch, don’t they?

5. Jacob Wilson custom knives

I came across these absolutely gorgeous knives at an art festival in Boulder recently. Beautiful stuff, obviously all handmade. If I had had the money at the time I would definitely have gotten one.

6. Little Green Pixie

I met Anna at last year’s Theatre of the Vampires, where I appeared as a show performer alumna. She was in their professional training program, and dressed like a unicorn. We had som ideas in common about the show and about Frequent Flyers and aerial dance in general, and so exchanged cards. She is elsewhere now, successfully teaching aerial dance.

It’s De-lovely, it’s De-link list…

…are you all singing with me now?

Sorry it’s been a while, lovely lurkers, but I’ve been sick as a dog this past couple weeks, and could barely pull through the show, let alone anything “extra.” And I’m not the only one to have been bogged down with The Crud: The Columbo Podcast guys called this nasty cold that’s going around “The Dreaded Lurgy.”
a) now that’s fabulous slang!
b) it’s even going around in Scotland?
c) /miserably blows nose/

Which leads me to my first in the list of links for you today:

The current Columbo Podcast ep (during which The Dreaded Lurgy was discussed)

Have you been watching Vikings? They have a casting call out for shield-maidens.

Speaking of good TV, Sherlock Season 4 is filming in new studios in Wales.

Did you know that swordfights look nothing like Hollywood? Yeah, me too.

There’s a new lightsaber combat manual out that’s taking Amazon’s bestseller lists by storm.

Some friends, both remote and close, have had relatives pass away recently. This blog post is a beautifully written musing on grief and related matters.

The Superbowl was Sunday. Go My Local Team! The embedded comic has a lot to say about my perspective, playplaymethinks…;)


Farewell, I Miss My MTV….


Rather Linky, These Links

This list of links, lovely lurkers, are all relevant to the readings my Creativity and Innovation class just did. In fact, I am showing these in class tonight as we talk about the last few chapters of Dan Pink’s A Whole New Mind. The readings included discussion of: Story, Humor, Video Games, Information and the Conceptual Age, and finally: the Human Search for Meaning. All these are supplements to those discussions. Then we’re going to draw mandalas in class, so feel free to do so too.   ~Jenn

—————————- (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) and (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) especially this: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)



Every link rings true

Look, lovely lurkers, I know I very recently made a brilliant and comprehensive Link List post, but I’ll tell ya: I feel the need to post this one for you too, and I’ll tell you why (my reasons are twofold): 

1) I was inspired by my Creativity and Innovation class last night. They had three reading assignments from the past couple weeks under their belts, and I sat them down at the beginning of class and said, “Hey, let’s talk about our readings.” What ensued was a fricking hour and a half of good discussion, of all the readings and then some. I mean…seriously. No blank stares, no “I didn’t do it,” just rich conversation. And they also made connections between the readings and previous ones, and with their current assignment. It’s just…really. I throw readings at you and you a) synthesize, and b) engage in stimulating conversation? Wow. That’s college. Or should be, anyway.   

2) I was digging through some archives from the stage combat course at Metro which hasn’t run for the past couple years and rediscovered many excellent resources besides (ahem) my book, which were very worth a re-read. Since so many of you lovely lurkers are new followers, too, you won’t have gotten these from me before. 


Without further ado: these are all required readings for my stage combat students. Since I have none right now, you all are them. Yer welcome.

Ne’er the Twain: an excellent scholarly musing about the martial and theatrical arts dichotomy.

David Bordwell compares Bond vs. Chan, showing what constitutes a good fight scene in cinema.

Striking Distance is actually a recent article from American Theatre magazine, which deconstructs different flavors of direct and indirect violence onstage.

5 Ways to Fight Like Mamet Writes. The title says it all, methinks.

Oh, and bonus points if you know from where I took the title of this post.

(The below meme was posted by a Metro student on the class blog.)


Linky’s Fun Club

(Raise your hand, any of you lovely lurkers who remember the show to which this title refers.)

So back on the old blog, I often would post little lists of essential readings in relevant topics to this blog, like, once a week or so. I’m going to start doing so again. You’re welcome for the free mind expansion.   ~Jenn
Kurosawa’s Seven Best Samurai Movies
The Professor, The Detective, and the Genderswap
They used a real antique gun?! *facepalm*
Theatre Students Back to School
Don’t Hit Your Friends

…and finally: what is posted as the Top Ten Fight Scenes of all Time. Do you agree?