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Denver Comic Con is Nigh

It’s so nigh, you guys. It’s nigh enough that it should be named Bill (I’ll wait….)

And yes indeedy, I certainly am presenting my famous The Fight Is The Story spiel on a panel. This year, the academic branch of DCC (called Page 23) has added me to a panel called “Smackdowns and Superheroes: Fighting the Good Fight in Comics, TV Shows, and Video Games.” Right?! I’m on a panel that totally fits w my topic! 

So the Smackdowns panel is Saturday of Comic Con (that would be July 1st), at 5pm. I’m the fourth of four presenters, so hopefully I’ll have a nice robust audience left for my bit. I will no doubt be walking around Friday as well though, and maybe even Sunday, so beyond coming to see me talk about the importance of The Actor’s Rules in narrative, and physical storytelling, and how awesome lightsabers are, and how terrible the fight in Phantom Menace is, buy me a DCC beer and have a conversation (I believe this year’s specialty beer is called “I Am Brewt”). See you there, and soon!

The Fight is the Story v.3.1: panel review #7

me fielding q & a after my lecture was concluded.

I was ecstatic to not only be added to Page 23‘s roster of panels, but as a solo presentation to the DCC proper list as well. My “lecture” called The Fight Is The Story found its full fledged glory on Sunday morning, with a healthy sized audience to enjoy it (especially so since I was booked parallel to a 50th anniversary of Star Trek panel).

I went over (as I usually do) the concept of Objective, Tactics, and Obstacles that we all learned in acting school, and then discussed my Genrification system of fight style classification, showing several clips to illustrate same. In retrospect, methinks I will stick to the first bit only in future iterations of this panel, and spend the time Roger-Ebert-ing clips to illustrate the concept. I just think it’d be more streamlined and a bit more in keeping with its title if I do so.

Anyway it was AWESOME and I do hope they include me in their rosters (both) next year again.

Denver Comic Con

I’m presenting both on Friday and Sunday this weekend at Denver Comic Con, lovely lurkers. If you’re local or travelling nerds, come heckle me and buy me pints of Snapericot Ale.

I’ll also give y’all a daily rundown of the shtuff I enjoy when I’m not presenting, so stay tuned. Well I mean a rundown of the daily stuff. I can’t guarantee a daily post. Yanno.

Panel #1: From Aquaman to Zatanna¬†(I’m doing a shortened version of my presentation The Fight is the Story.)


I’ll be talking about this fight in both my panels. The fight is the story. This one ain’t.


Denver Comic Con 2016

You asked for it, lovely lurkers; you got it. The deets re: my presentations at this year’s Denver Comic Con, happening this weekend.

I’ll be there all weekend, for one thing. DCC is a big deal for me as a geek but is also tinged with heartbreak too because of cumulative years of personal stuff (wanna know? Buy me a pint down there and we can talk), so I plan on walking around and having no money to buy things and trying to keep it together. That’s when I’m not presenting. But this year, I’m presenting twice!


1) Friday at noon I’m on a panel called From Aquaman to Zatanna, the topic of which is comics in the classroom. I’ll be talking about story structure in scenes of violence. This is a panel for the academic branch of Pop Culture Classroom, called Page 23.

2) Sunday at 11am I will be presenting SOLO!!! Yes, that’s right folks: my presentation called The Fight Is The Story was accepted by DCC proper and I’ll be talking fight scenes in stories, fights as stories themselves, and will share my Genrification system of fight style diagnosis. And if I can figure my tech out, I’ll show a bunch of clips and dissect them.

I am psyched and I am already getting nervous. Come heckle me and then buy me a Snapericot ale after and nerd-rage with me about Star Wars, yeah?

From last year’s DCC: I am holding my own as a Redshirt with Jonathan Alexandratos.