A Moment of Nerdy History


Remember when I appeared with a Quemment on the now-very-famous Nerdist Podcast? Before Nerdist was a behemoth media enterprise? When they did a live podcast at the Boulder Theatre? I came across this proof of same, thanks to Rod Tanaka. I presented the three gentlemen with written choreography for a staged fight scene, in case they ever needed to enact their friendly rivalry on TV. Chris Hardwick actually got the copy of my book I sent him, and remembered it! I remember being hammered, and terrified with nerves, and also look at how much more weight the old lady had on her bones back then! Hm…

Left Hand Right Brain

My appearance on former student JD’s Left Hand Right Brain podcast is up and listenable-to. I’m doing this from my phone so it may not work–I’ll fix it later if not, don’t worry.

 Please to enjoy the discourse on creativity, theatre, clowning, and the Patronus.