Sketch of the Day

I’m sure I must’ve posted this sketch before, but it’s been long enough that it warrants a re-post. (Riposte?) This is the fourth in a series of sketches based on the old ninja legend of the Four Demons. This is Ongyoki, the Concealed Demon. All four original sketches were displayed at the BEET collective’s monthly gallery, and they now live there. 


Sketch of the day

This was a series I did on the old blog. I thought I’d re-start this post theme by posting pages from my experimentations on comic book adaptations of stories from the world of superlative game series Thief. None of my pages are storylines straight from the game, but all take place in the older universe of the game. (not the universe of Thief 4. More on that later.) Anywho, please to enjoy the snippets of story you get from my pages here. If you can guess at the overall arching plot, please say so in the comments.   ~Jenn