Viva theatre

Outrageous Fortune


Rehearsal for Outrageous Fortune. The Dr. Ruth-type Prospera coaches we Tragedians Anonymous into embracing our tragedies and moving forward…

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Stage Movement begging session to praise to the skies a theatrical project I’m a part of: Viva’s Outrageous Fortune. Viva is a company connected to Boulder’s Society For Creative Aging, and as such, its large cast is quite diverse both in the age and the experience areas. The Boulder Weekly has a thoughtful article on some of the philosophies behind it, which you can read here. Basically, it’s Shakespeare’s tragic characters in group therapy in an attempt to find closure with their tragic lives, and things go rather amuck when some characters try and change their Outrageous Fortune to make one of their own.

On a personal level, I’ve had a lot of fun cultivating my Valley-Girl-Desdemona character, but also in choreographing the second largest fight scene I’ve ever had to tackle. An extra challenge in coordinating this giant fight scene is knowing that around 85% of the players are of an advanced age, such that certain moves are not only difficult, but dangerous and even impossible. But I am very happy with how it’s turning out, and the show as a whole should be a heckuva lot of fun to see.

Outrageous Fortune opens this Saturday and runs two weekends. Find your tickets here.


Current Theatrical Projects Update

Those of you who know me personally know that in my advanced age I have taken to performing less and less. Well, less, that is, than when I was a young woman, which was CONSTANTLY. My main reason for this is that live theatre: a) sucks up every last nanosecond of one’s free time, and b) doesn’t pay. Or if it does, the compensation isn’t balanced to the workload. So I have been doing only fight direction gigs, and operating under the rule that if I do appear onstage, it needs to be at least one if not all three of these things: 1) a paid gig; 2) a very important project to me, dream role, that sort of thing; 3) not a crippling time commitment. I Miss My MTV was 1 & 2, The Five 5ths of Labyrinth was 2 & 3… You get the picture.

I now find myself involved in three theatrical endeavors, lovely lurkers, and I’d like to take this blog post to tell you about them, especially for you local lurkers who might want to come see!

The first is a play that I am both acting in and choreographing fights for, called Outrageous Fortune. It’s a show all about tragic Shakespearean characters in group therapy. I am playing a valley-girl-like, gum-smacking Desdemona. Also I recently choreographed the second largest fight scene I ever have, for the culminating scene of this play. It’s being produced by Viva, a theatre company in connection with the Society For Creative Aging, which means the very large cast has a wide range of age. Which is a particular diversity not often seen. This goes up in late November, for just two weekends, at the Dairy Center for the Arts here in Boulder. This play is a 3.

The second is a play I coordinated all the violence and blood for, at prestigious Denver theatre company Curious Theatre. It’s a play called Hand to God, and is one seriously fucked up dark comedy about puppets at a Sunday school. Sex, puppets, possession, and lots of blood packs. This show opens in early November and closes in mid December. This project is 1, 2, and 3.

The third project is a longer term thing, of which I’m now in training. It’s t


That’s what this audition was for. I got in. Thanks for the good wishes.

he beginner troupe of Boulder Burlesque, also known as Conscious Burlesque. This is an art form I’ve long been interested in, but never found how to join it, barring some gray-area sexiness on trapezes in Frequent Flyers back in the day. So now I’m in several weeks of burlesque training, culminating first in a semi-private performance  November 11th, and then a public performance in February (around Valentine’s Day, natch). I’ve been gently self-mocking that this endeavor is my mid-life crisis, but in reality it’s something I’ve wanted to do for many years now, and the fact that they’re all Naropa-y and empower-y and therapy-y and stuff just makes it that much better….

So that’s that, and those are those. Hopefully I’ll see some of you in some of these audiences, eh?